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We can accept below payment method:

1.Recommend payment Method bitcoin---Get 40% Off

Because of commercial purpose,and our receiver name always be limited by western union or local banks,we  mightily suggest you exchange your local currency to bitcoin to buy the bags,then we could get your money quickly in 1 hour,and we will give you a big discount to avoid the fee you changed your money to bitcoin,Beacuse Bitcoin's Value is So Volatile,you should pay in 2 hours, Bitcoin has numerous benefits and advantages over using localized currency;we will discuss how to buy bitcoin easily

We recommend some platform such as bitfinex blockchain and coinbase,you can buy bitcoin on that site.they will give you a Bitcoin wallet address on their site to store your bitcoin,


You can click below link





You can click below link


On credit and debit card transactions, Coinbase charges 3.99% fees. We’d recommend using a bank account or transfer as this only has a 1.49% fee.

2. PayPal - Get 20% off